• Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters is established in Tomigusuku-son (current Tomigusuku-shi) to cultivate, process and wholesale/retail herbs such as Turmeric and Java Tea Leaves.

  • Blended tea “Kenkou Ichiban Cha” is released for the first time in the business world.

  • Move to Nanjo-shi Sasikitsuhako and expand the business into outlets and provision of OEM products for other companies.
    A new, developed blended tea “Fukujurai A” is released, becoming popular with its drinkability and efficiency and our company’s main product.

  • Enroll in Okinawa Industrial Federation.

  • “Wild Turmeric Tablet” is released for the first time in the business world.
    The technology is developed that enhances efficiencies by blending various types of Turmeric.

  • Factory and farm are established in Miyako-jima.

  • Converted into a corporation as “Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters LLC.”
    Around the same time, “Punica Granatum Sylvester,” which decreases blood sugar level is developed.

  • A new office building is constructed in Sasiki-chou Nakaiho.

  • Establish “Okinawa Health Foods Development Co-op.”
    Establish “Okinawa Health Foods Development Co-op.”

  • Start to work on research and development of processing technologies of tablet products.

  • Provide ingredients for Orion Breweries and together develop the beverage “Chaganju

  • Herbal farm for sightseeing and herbal medicine restaurant “Choujugen” are established.

  • Introduce large compressing machine and tablet manufacturer for the first time in the business world in Okinawa, and start to produce and sell health food made in Okinawa and offer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
    Through “Fusion Development Facilitating Campaign” of Okinawa Health Foods Development Co-op,we commercialize the following three products: ① “Stallone,” which reduces blood pressure; ② “Cyclone,” which reduces blood pressure; and ③ “Ryukyu Ougon,” which improves liver function.

  • Declare that 9th August is “the Day of Herbs.” Convert herbal farm and herbal medicine restaurant “Choujugen” into a corporation as “Choujugen LLC.”
    Release “Ougon Three Nine,” blended tablets of Wild Turmeric, Black Turmeric and White Turmeric.

  • Introduce microwave sterilization machine for the first time in the business world in Okinawa for the purpose of improving product quality.

  • Expand herbal farm and own herb garden of approximately 15,000m2.
    Move headquarters functions to Sasiki-chou Nakaiho.

  • “Fuzhou Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Company” is established in Fujian, China.

  • Ship 1 ton of “Kenkou Ichiban Cha” to “Benihana,” a company of franchise Japanese restaurants in Florida, US.

  • Receive ISO9001-HACCP.
    Establish an Agricultural Production Corporation “Okinawa Choju Yakusou Industrial Association.”

  • Develop “Ukonzyme Q10” in cooperation with the Okayama University of Science.
    “Ukonzyme Q10” receives the first prize (the Prefectural Governor Prize) at the 7th Local Specialty Contest.

  • Release “α-lipoic acid tablet (Black Turmeric included).”
    Receive the honorary prize, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, and the president of Mainichi Newspaper award at the 54th Agricultural Competition of Japan.

  • Shimoji Seikichi, the representative of our company, is commissioned Okinawa Promotion Council Expert Adviser of “Okinawa Promotion Council,” which considers and discusses various promotion measures of Okinawa.
    Receive the Emperor’s Cup at the 44th Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Festival.
    Receive a commendation of a deserving person of Okinawa promotion from the Cabinet.

  • Receive Okinawa Times Prize (Industry Prize).

  • Receive the top prize at the 2nd Japan Craftsmanship Award.

  • Participate in “Space Education Project” as a supporting company.
    Release 11 types of herbal teas.
    “Fukujurai A” receives a gold prize of the Monde Selection and “Wild Turmeric” receives a silver prize of the Monde Selection.

  • Miyakogusa of “Space Education Project” leaves for space.
    Receive Ryukyu Shimpo Activity Award.

  • Obtain “GMP,” the manufacture and quality control system of medical and pharmaceutical products.
    Turmeric goes to space in Discovery of “Launch Mission STS-133.”

  • Receive Higashi-Kuninomiya Culture Award.
    Establish “Business Cooperative Association of Wild Turmeric Made in Okinawa” for the purpose of branding Wild Turmeric made in Okinawa.
    Participate in the 4th Okinawa International Movie Festival as a friendship partner.
    “Okinawa Ougon” is registered (No.21484).
    Release “Kenkou SAISEI,” Wild Turmeric Tablets (100 tablets).
    Change the name of herbal medicine restaurant “Choujugen” into “HerbCafe/UKONSALON,” and start to provide buffet with an emphasis on nature, using pesticide-free vegetables and herbs.

  • Release “Ukon Ume,” dried plums blended with Okinawa Ougon.
    Release powdered Okinawa Ougon.
    Release “Vege Mange 39,” a diet tea including enzymes.
    Release “Tabete-Ureshii Hatomugi (Job’s Tears),” product for beauty.

  • Visit Agency of Traditional Medicine Administration of Ministry of Health, Hanoi Medical University, and National Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital in Vietnam.
    Receive Oglesby Deserving Person of Industry Prize.