Top Message

Be engaged in human beings’ health with technologies and hearts based on herbs.

“To contribute to more people”
This is the mission of Chosei Yakusou

When I was a child, I had my arm broken falling from a tree.
I couldn’t move my hand and fingers, but my father cured me using wild plants picked in hills.
When I had a cold, my grandmother gave me a drink of roasted wild plants picked in fields. Though I was a small kid, the mysterious power of wild herbs attracted me. I was absorbed in the study of herbs in my twenties.

And then I came to feel like telling the charms and effects of herbs that I cultivate to as many people as possible, and continued handing out my herbs, saying “this is good for your health.” At that time, I was ignoring profitability.
At first, they were dubious about me and my herbs. They said “you are a strange person,” “is this really good for health?” and so on.

In the time when nobody thought herbs could make money, my wife and I started this job, always helping each other.
Pacifying my crying children, I was cultivating herbs, and my wife was rushing about throughout the country with products on her small back. We were both working very hard.
As we were dealing with customers in an honest way, we started to receive voices of joy and gratitude from people who had recovered their health.

I still cultivate the fields and grow herbs every day, in order not to forget the initial feelings.
With the slogan of 3S; “Sincerity,” “Sanitary” and “Strain,” all the staff and I will keep our efforts up so we can deliver “healthy and happy smiles” to more people.
To contribute to more people’s health across the sea: I believe this is my current mission.