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Q&A to know more about Chosei Yakusou

  • Q. What is Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters?
  • Q. How old are the staff?
  • Q. What is the ratio of men to women?
  • Q. What kind of corporate culture and environment do you have?

A. Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters is a company which not only manufactures health food but also cultivates herbs and studies species improvement.
We are also engaged in cultivation, manufacture, and wholesale/retail of health supplements, and offer dishes at our cafe restaurant centering on herbs.

Q. As of 2017, the youngest staff is 23 years old, and the oldest is 76.
All the staff are actively working at Chosei Yakusou, regardless of their age.

A. The number of female staff is bigger than that of male staff with 6;4 ratio, because we have many female part-time workers.

①In-house lunchWe prepare in-house lunch to support our staff’s health.
Not to mention meat and fish, we also use vegetables and herbs freshly picked in our farm. Our staff say the in-house lunch is very tasty.
②EventsWe have various events where our staff can get to know each other.
On the beginning day of the year, we eat zoni. - a special soup.
In summer, we hold a barbecue to prevent summer fatigue. In autumn, we have a moon-viewing party where we wear yukata.
At the end of the year, all the staff get together at a year-end party in a hotel or a live show venue.
The year-end party is a good opportunity where we can communicate with those belonging to other departments and who it’s not easy to talk to.
③Study meetingsWe have a monthly study meeting about herbs and plants.
At study meetings, we also exchange information of product quality and opinions from customers and regularly share each staff’s motivation and ideas.

Basic Information

Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters
Name of the Company
Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters LLC
116-1 Sashiki Aza Nakaiho, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, 901-1405
Year of Establishment
The Representative Director
Shimoji Seikichi
3,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees
56 (including part-time workers)
Our Business
  • Cultivation of herbs
  • Manufacture and sales of health food
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer of health food (OEM/PB)
  • Mail order business (Kanau Mail Order)
  • Management of cafe restaurant (herbal cafe and Turmeric salon)
Management Philosophy
Be engaged in human beings’ health with technologies and hearts based on herbs.
Quality Policy
“Quality First” We make every effort to improve our technologies and provide safe, reliable and best-quality products in a stable manner.
Main Business Partners
  • Nansei Sangyo Inc.
  • Wakugawa Co., Ltd.
  • Kusuri-no Hyakusou-en
  • Okinawa Products Associated Co., Ltd.
  • SAN-A Co., Ltd.
  • Link Plus (Busena Terrace)
  • Okidenkigyo
  • Okinawa Health Foods Development Co-op
  • AEON Co., Ltd.
  • Hoshino Resort Management Inc.
  • Radio Okinawa, Inc.
  • TV Asahi Service Co., Ltd.
  • Seirin Corporation
  • Maru-M POP
  • Lifet Co., Ltd.
  • Miyabi-en
  • MC Bio
  • Shimanoya
  • O-Shiro-Ya
  • New Japan Functional Foods
  • Orion Breweries, Ltd.


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