About Our Farm

We raise herbs and other plants with a lot of care in the vast farm of approximately 134,720m2 (including the farm in Miyako-jima).

Making the most of the nature and climate in Okinawa, Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters is adopting pesticide-free cultivation for all herbs and plants possible to be grown in Okinawa, under careful cultivation and quality control in our farm and contracted farms.
Our farm and factory have received quality and safety management system ISO22000 and received Organic JAS Standards for certain products, realizing provision of safe, reliable products for our customers.

Chosei Yakusou Farm

In the ingredient cultivation farm approximately 134,720m2, about 1,000 species of medicinal plants and 150 of herbs are always under cultivation. This farm is the base for the study and development of ingredients of all sorts of health food and new products.
Also, you can see various herbs and wild plants from season to season at our farm, which many customers visit and enjoy as an herb garden.

Examples of Cultivars

Wild Turmeric
Okinawa Ougon
Purple Turmeric
White Turmeric
Black Carrot
Thai Basil
Herbs for Longevity
Fringed Rue
Autumn Daylily (Kuwang-sou)
Chosei Hyakuyaku
Shell Ginger
Angelica Keiskei
Jamaica Sorrel
Java Tea Leaves
Job’s Tears
Lemon Grass
Tea Tree
Holy Basil

※The above is a some of the cultivars on our farm.