• Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

We support your business utilizing our profound know-how gained from experiences of being involved in many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM・PB).

With the increase of demand for products on the theme of health business, more and more companies are thinking about new entry to the health food market and making private brand products.
Meanwhile, Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters has been engaged in a lot of OEM of health food.
Utilizing our profound know-how and the merits of cultivating ingredients at our own farm, we support your business in the not only provision of ingredients but also making tablets, powder, and granules of health food (supplements).

About “OEM”

OEM is an abbreviation for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” a means of production which can easily adjust the amount of production at minimum cost and reduce inventory risk.

About “PB”

PB is an abbreviation for “Private Brand,” which means a brand owned and controlled with a name or mark by a distribution company such as retailers or wholesalers manufacturing its own products.
Because the company can decide the prices for each product for themselves and supply more cheaply, it’s more favorable in terms of cost.
Also, the merits of own sales make it possible to aim to differentiate from competitors.