Overview of OEM

Chosei Yakusou will Shine Your Brand.

For corporations troubled by product development of health food,
「“We are planning to develop new products.” “We are not satisfied with our current products.” “We have a project declined by another company.” “We want to pursue cost performance.” “Our first priority is ingredients made in Okinawa.” etc.
Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters will have our staff rich in experience give you wide-ranging consulting, from proposing plans of health food to selecting ingredients.

Process of OEM

We offer OEM in the consistent production system from making ingredients, manufacture, packaging to shipment and delivery.
Also, we offer ingredients and ready-made products for sales and have our production and sales system prepared for complying with various requests from our customers.

Products of OEM

  • Tablets, Granules, Powder
  • Teas, Health Teas
  • Liquid Medicine, Drinks

Tablets, Granules, Powder

Tablet / Granule / Dust Formulation
☐ Uncoated Tablets
Basic tablets produced by pulverizing active ingredients, adding extenders, binders, etc. and using compression molding.
☐ Film-coated Tablets
Tablets of less offensive taste and smell which protect components vulnerable to light and water by film-coating.
  1. (1)Easy to take
  2. (2)Able to mask taste, color, and smell
  3. (3)Able to protect components vulnerable to light and water by film-coating
☐ Pellet Granules (cylindrical granules)
Produced by means of extruding granulation.
  1. (1)High percentage of containing active ingredients
  2. (2)Easy to utilize the taste of the ingredient
  3. (3)Fast disintegration and absorption
☐ Power
Powdered without adding anything else.
  1. (1)100% containing active ingredients
  2. (2)Easy to handle and apply to various uses
  3. (3)Able to directly taste the flavor.

Teas, Health Teas

Tea / Health Tea
Pulverization and Roasting of TeaLeaves
☐ Pulverization
We grind to the desired granularity, the bulk, and adjust it to a size that can be filled in the tea bag
☐ Roasting
By using drum type far-infrared roasting machines and batch type roasting machines, we roast tea leaves in order to roast evenly.
Blending and Sterilization of Tea Leaves
☐ Blending
We can blend different tea leaves without limits.
We will blend tea leaves at the ratio designated by the customer.
☐ Sterilization
A lot of general viable bacteria are found from sun-dried ingredients of health teas (such as Pu-er tea).
We sterilize general viable bacteria with airflow type fluidized high-pressure steam sterilizer.
Filling into Tea Bags
☐ Flat Tea Bags “One-pack Type”
We fill each flat tea bag into an aluminum exterior bag separately.
It is possible to maintain the quality of tea leaves for about two years.
  1. (1)Optimal for Health Teas, Herbal Teas, Green Teas and Black Teas
  2. (2)Applicable to separate packaging (one-pack type) which maintains the quality of tea leaves for about two years.
  3. (3)Able to fill in tea leaves from 1g to 2.5g.
☐ Nonwoven-fabric Tea Bags
We are using nonwoven fabrics in consideration of abstraction and powder leakage of tea leaves.
Able to fill in tea leaves whether it is small or large amount.
  1. (1)Optimal for Health Teas, Herbal Teas, Green Teas and Black Teas
  2. (2)Able to maintain the quality of tea leaves for about two years.
  3. (3)Able to fill in tea leaves from 2g to 8g.
☐ Nylon Tea Bags
Larger space inside tea bags with triangular pyramid shape enables the jumping action of tea leaves and improves the efficiency of diffusion.
  1. (1)Optimal for Health Teas, Herbal Teas, Green Teas and Black Teas
  2. (2)Able to maintain the quality of tea leaves for about two years.
  3. (3)Able to fill with tea leaves from 2g to 6g.

Liquid Medicine, Drinks

Containers for Liquids and Drinks
☐ Glass Bottles
Able to fill in fruit drinks, health drinks, etc.
  1. (1)Available to fill drinks into 50ml, 100ml, 360ml and 720ml glass bottles
  2. (2)We accept processes from squeezing to final packaging.

Packaging Materials

Plastic or Glass Bottle-filled Packaging

Plastic and glass bottles are used for a wide variety of products, such as health food.

  1. (1)Able to attach labels
  2. (2)Tolerant of external pressure
  3. (3)Wide variety of designs
  4. (4)High-quality look)
Lamizip Packaging

Lamizip is a packaging material of multilayered film with outstanding airtightness and shading, made by sticking together gas barrier materials, heat seal materials, etc. as film materials.

  1. (1)Able to keep airtightness after opening with a zip
  2. (2)Having outstanding airtightness and shading with multi-layered structure
  3. (3)Inexpensive packaging materials
  4. (4)Able to attach labels
  5. (5)Easy to handle
Three Side Packaging

A packaging using one film material double-folded and heat-sealed on three sides. This packaging is available for tablets of one type, and of two types added and filled together.

  1. (1)Easy to take because it is separated for each dose
  2. (2)Able to prevent forgetting to take any tablet because you don’t need to take out from several containers
  3. (3)Able to use printed materials
  4. (4)Free of infection and convenient for carrying
  5. (5)Easy to handle
Final Packaging such as Boxing, Shrink-wrapping, etc.

We can offer packing and boxing of bottled products and three side packaging products, boxing, shrink-wrapping and printing expiry date of stick granules.

  1. (1)Boxing available for bottled products, three side packaging products and stick packaging products
  2. (2)Able to print on gift boxes, labels, etc.
  3. (3)Shrink-wrapping available for gift boxes etc.
  4. (4)Cap shrink-wrapping available