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Traditional health food in Ryukyu.
Turmeric Series of Chosei Yakusou

In Okinawa, people have been familiar with Turmeric as a food material to maintain their health since the age of the Kingdom of Ryukyu. Since our company was established in 1974, we have been engaged in establishing the methods of cultivating and improving the breed of Turmeric in Okinawa, which we can also say is the starting point of Okinawa Chosei Yakusou. Now we are producing various Turmeric products ranging from Wild Turmeric, a new breed of Turmeric “Okinawa Ougon,” which Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters developed after long years of study, Black Turmeric, to White Turmeric.

Wild Turmeric((Japanese name: Kyou-ou)

Wild Turmeric, with its formal name “Kyou-ou” in Japanese, turns yellow where it is cut. It is unfavorable to eat raw Wild Turmeric because it tastes very bitter, so it is mainly used for products to maintain health. A characteristic of Wild Turmeric is its abundant “essential oil constituents” and “minerals,” which Turmeric doesn’t contain so much of. Essential oil constituents are said to have strong bactericidal action and anti-oxidation effect which keeps your stomach healthy.

Okinawa Ougon Turmeric(Japanese name: Ukon)

Okinawa Ougon Turmeric is a new breed of Turmeric, which Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters developed after long years of study, It was named after the Emperor, and Empress picked one up to look at it closely, at the commemorative ceremony of the Emperor’s Cup. Okinawa Ougon Turmeric is still under research, on the assumption that it has stronger pigment than normal Turmeric and might have different constituents too. This is a valuable breed that can be cultivated only at Okinawa Chosei Yakusou.

Black Turmeric(Japanese name: Gashutsu)

Purple Turmeric has whitish, light purple rootstocks without curcumin's yellow pigment unique to Turmeric, and is abundant in essential oil constituents of cineol, azulene, and camphene. The unique smell like that of medicine for digestion is characteristic of Black Turmeric. Usually, it is processed into powdered or granulated supplements. Recent studies have proved that it has the effect of the calming stomach and intestinal disorders, and these days Black Turmeric is used for diet supplements.

White Turmeric(Japanese name: Hana-shouga)

It’s flowers like horsetails are characteristic of White Turmeric, also known as Hana-shouga in Japanese. This is an extremely rare Turmeric because it is hardly cultivated in Japan and the amount of harvest is small. White Turmeric contains little “curcumin,” but includes “zerumbone,” a noticeable essential oil constituent. Zerumbone is a constituent expected to be able to be applied to spices, antimicrobe agent, and anticancer drug.

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Black Carrot

The Superfood in the Spotlight!
Black Carrot Series of Chosei Yakusou

We succeeded in the cultivation of Black carrots at Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters in 2014 and then put them on the market.
Black Carrot is a globally rare breed; in Japan, it’s cultivated only in Okinawa and Kyushu, and in the world, it’s cultivated only in a few areas such as Turkey.
Black Carrots, grown in the ground full of minerals and the blessing of the sun in Okinawa, contain more anthocyanin and polyphenols than blueberries, attracting attention as a superfood.

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Health Teas

Healing and Health for Your Mind and Body
Health Tea Series of Chosei Yakusou

We offer a variety of health teas and herbal teas ranging from “Fukujurai A,” a best-seller health tea which was awarded a gold prize of the Monde Selection 2009, to natural herbal teas blending carefully selected herbs from our farm and all over the world.

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Beauty & Health

Be Beautiful and Healthy Forever
Beauty and Health Series of Chosei Yakusou

At Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters, we offer full beauty and health related items produced by utilizing our know-how and technologies gained from the cultivation of herbs and manufacture of health food.
In addition to health food, supplements, and drinks, we produce beauty and health items.

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