Manufacture of Health Food

Transmitting Traditional Methods and Manufacturing Modern, Safe Products

Since our company was established in 1974, we have been engaged in manufacturing safe and reliable health food of high quality with “traditional methods” and “modern safety,” at the same time giving importance to Okinawan local food culture and its history of herbs.

Manufactured Items

Turmeric Series

Ukon Series

Since our company was established in 1974, we have manufactured Turmeric products, using Turmeric purely made in Okinawa with pesticide-free cultivation.

Herbal Teas and Health Teas

Herb Tea Series

We produce herbal teas and health teas, using herbs carefully made on our herb farm and strictly selected ingredients.

Black Carrot Series

Black Carrot Series

We provide black carrot products, using purple carrots, one of the superfoods, containing more anthocyanin and polyphenols than blueberries.

Beauty & Health Series

Beauty & Health Series

We produce beauty and health food and health-related items, utilizing our profound knowledge and know-how from cultivation to the processing of herbs.

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